Secular Israelis board a separate bus in protest of separate seating, January 2012
Secular Israelis board a separate bus in protest of separate seating, January 2012Photo by Uri Lenz / Flash90

Provocation-oriented organizations trying to bring down the government have called for demonstrations on haredi bus lines, allegedly in protest of "discrimination against women," Kikar Hashabbat reported.

Many haredi buses have separate seating, in which men sit in the front of the bus and women sit in the back.

Kikar Hashabbat viewed an instruction sheet distributed by one of the organizations which focused previously on anti-government protests and is now focusing on "discrimination" on haredi buses.

The sheet reads: "Instructions for actions on public bus lines: Organize yourselves in small groups of 3-5 activists. Wear red shirts. The women should sit at the front of the bus. The third participant should be videotaping from behind them."

"If a man participates, it is recommended that he get on the bus after the women, since there have been incidents in which the driver closed the door of the bus after the man, and the women were left outside the bus.

"There is no need to travel to the bus' final destination; it is recommended to disembark after a few bus stops and get on a bus going in the opposite direction."

There are also instructions for how to video the disruptions: "Only video horizontally. Start videotaping from the moment you see the bus approaching the bus stop, so as to record the license plate and the line number. Continue filming nonstop and capture getting on the bus and sitting in the front. Upload it to social media and tag #sayaretbonot."

In the past several days, there has been a wave of incitement against the haredi community, in an attempt to push haredi MKs to oppose the judicial reform.