Ofen's funeral
Ofen's funeralIsrael National News

The day after the funeral of the late IDF soldier Hillel Nehemia Ofen, who collapsed and died during military training, journalist and writer Tsur Ehrlich told about a special note that was found in the backpack that Ofen was carrying.

"The note found in the backpack of Hillel Nehemiah Ofen, who died from heatstroke during military training, deserves to be in the pocket of every Jew. Such a deep insight into the meaning of identity, the meaning of life, the meaning of togetherness, is like a refreshing drink of water and life in the social heatstroke that has fallen upon us," Ehrlich wrote on Facebook.

He added that it is "an all-encompassing, comprehensive fundamental truth, formulated with absolute simplicity, colloquially but with poetic precision. 'I belong': not in the sense of property and ownership, but in the sense of belonging and identification. This note, which according to his brother's testimony he composed himself, with incredible maturity, testifies to our loss."

The note reads:

"I belong!

I belong to a family, a community, a society, a nation.

I belong to the country, to the homeland.

I belong to humanity, to conscience, to honor.

I belong to history, to the future.

I belong to joy, to pain, to expectations, to fear.

Everything that has passed and will pass over me and my people, everything that has been created

My identity, who I am, I belong to it.

And it is my duty to preserve, protect and maintain all of these.

To see to their permanence as much as I am able.

And now, for this duty, I am yours.

I belong to weapons, to what is necessary for victory, to the battle.

I belong!"