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Two years ago, Yanky, Russy, Devorah, Yair, Chani, and Dov Kaufman’s world crumbled when their father Ari was diagnosed with a severe heart disease. Their mother, Ziva, reflects back on the challenging time:

“I still remember how Ari's eyes met mine, filled with fear yet unwavering faith, and told me, "Ziva, trust in G-d; we are not alone."

Ari fought with all his might, learning Torah from his hospital bed, spreading love and wisdom until his very last breath. Just a few months later, he returned his soul to its Creator, leaving his six children and wife to navigate a world that suddenly felt painfully empty. Then, just when they thought they couldn't be tested any further, Ziva discovered recently that she too is sick, with an aggressive form of cancer. Though insurance covers Ziva’s treatments, after Ari’s crushing medical debt the family is drowning. Rent, bills, groceries—it's too much.

“I might be lying in a hospital bed, but I echo Ari's sentiment: "We are not alone." I have G-d, I have my beautiful children, and I have you, my extended family of the Jewish nation. Will you take my children's hands and assure them that they are not alone?”

As Ziva lays in a hospital bed, fighting for her life, the Kaufman children are praying that they will get the help they need to make it through these challenging times as a family. Those who wish to help the Kaufman children survive can donate via their crowdfunding page here.