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Is Peter Doocy the only reporter in town?

This White House correspondent, for Fox News, literally jumped through hoops to ask Joe Biden a question, such as, was he mixed up with his son Hunter in business.

Said Joe Biden, heatedly, “That was a stupid question, but I expected it from someone like you,”

Sure thing. He expected tough questions from none of the other reporters on site. Them…he’s got trained like house-broken puppies.

Doocy is the anomaly among them. In the White House briefings with Karine Jean-Pierre, only Doocy would ask if Joe was guilty of chicanery.

Imagine the shock, the chagrin among these, the White House Press Corps, to find themselves confronted with a party pooper.

How did this gate-crasher get into our lovefest?

The same can be said for the entire Fox News organization. These guys just won’t play along. They’ve got their own rules, such as digging for the truth, or, to put it plainly, they insist on practicing journalism, as it used to be, before it fell into the hands of do-gooders, and dogmatists.

These are children of the 1960s, or simply…Children.

Against them, Fox News and the New York Post are that cry in the wilderness, and we’re glad that other web/news sites have picked up our own silent scream.

Earlier, August 9, on media mendacity, we wrote:

“Do people buy such bunk? Half the country, yes. They know nothing because the media have erected an Iron Curtain against any news that might prove harmful against Joe Biden or any Democrat. So most Americans remain in the dark about House Hearings that allegedly reveal Joe as the recipient of dark money. In a word, influence peddling. Zero coverage of alleged corruption so flagrant.”

In that column we failed to mention Fox News as the exception to the common herd.

But Fox News is where Conservatives have a home, a place of safe harbor, a medium of last refuge…even for Israel.

Benjamin Netanyahu, given no fairness along most of Israel’s mainstream media, fares better at Fox News, which isn’t perfect, but it’s something.

This is where Republicans go to make their case, and where they are assured of a fair shot.

They won’t get it at CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, or NPR. They won’t tell you that Hunter’s scandal has become Joe’s scandal.

Of the historic wildfire consuming Hawaii, hundreds dead, thousands missing, Joe Biden offers no words of sympathy or support, and that is perfectly all right with the media.

They are the bee workers whose job it is to attend and groom the Queen.

Only Fox News, and the New York Post will make the case that the newly appointed Special Counsel for Hunter has been hired to coverup a coverup.

The pity of it is that you know it, and I know it, but the rest of the country knows zilch because Big Media won’t tell. Keep ‘em barefoot and pregnant, as the saying goes.

Mark this: When historians tell the tale, Joe’s most glaring iniquity, the mess he left behind, will be on the chapter of the illegal migrants, the great unwashed he has invited to trample the country, millions of them overwhelming our cities, schools and hospitals, with no mention of it from Big Media.

Woe to us when our Fourth Estate is complicit and corrupt.

The big finish here is that in the end, the truth will come out.

I cannot say so with any conviction. Can anyone?

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