It sounds like Rabbi Gershon Shusterman's book, "Why God Why: How to Believe in Heaven When It Hurts Like Hell," is a deeply personal and emotionally impactful work. The title itself suggests a journey of grappling with profound questions about faith, loss, and healing. The book appears to be born out of Rabbi Shusterman's own experiences of dealing with multiple tragedies in his life, particularly the sudden and tragic loss of his wife at a young age, leaving him to care for their eleven children, including a set of baby twins.

The book seems to be a culmination of Rabbi Shusterman's journey through grief, resilience, and his strong faith. Despite the multiple instances of loss he faced, including the passing of his wife, his sister-in-law, and his own sister, Rabbi Shusterman found the strength to rebuild his life, eventually remarrying and finding happiness once again.

The fact that the book was three decades in the making suggests that it's a culmination of his reflections, experiences, and insights gained over a significant period of time. The book's intention to provide comfort rather than fear is a testament to Rabbi Shusterman's approach to addressing these difficult and sensitive topics.

The title itself, "Why God, Why" suggests a search for meaning and understanding in the face of overwhelming pain. It seems like Rabbi Shusterman's intention with the book is to offer a perspective on how to maintain faith and believe in heaven despite the immense suffering and challenges he encountered. His calm demeanor and warm smile, reflect the idea that the book is meant to provide comfort and reassurance to those who are grappling with similar experiences.

It's touching to see how Rabbi Shusterman's life journey and the challenges he faced have shaped this book over the course of three decades. His ability to find solace and share his insights with others demonstrates a strong sense of resilience and a desire to help others navigate their own struggles.

It's wonderful that I had the opportunity to interview him and gain insights into the motivations and emotions behind the creation of this book. Reading "Why God, Why" seems like it will be a moving and insightful experience, and it could potentially provide comfort and guidance to anyone dealing with loss and questioning their faith.

Why God Why is distributed by Geffen publication and you can find it everywhere.