The heavy heat wave felt throughout the country will reach its peak today (Sunday) with high temperatures and extreme heat, along with light local rain starting in the afternoon.

While the weather is expected to be slightly cloudy, there will be another slight increase in temperatures and it will be hotter than usual until it begins raining in the northern mountains and the interior of the country. There will be extreme humidity along the coastal plain.

Heavy to extreme heat loads will prevail in all regions of the country. From noon onwards, there is a possibility of a drizzle mainly in southern and eastern Israel accompanied by isolated thunderstorms.

Tomorrow there will be a decrease in heat levels mainly in the mountains and in the interior of the country, but heavy to extreme heat loads will still prevail in most areas. Drizzle to light localized rain is possible, accompanied by thunderstorms in the eastern and southern Israel.

On Tuesday and Wednesday there will be a further drop in temperatures and a significant relief in the heat load will be felt. There is chance of drizzle to light local rains accompanied by thunderstorms in the northeast of the country.

Today's hights: up to 32 degrees Celsius in Tel Aviv, 30 in Haifa, 38 in Jerusalem, 36 in Be'er Sheva, 44 in Tiberias, 38 in Tzfat, and up to 42 degrees at noon in Eilat.