Kim Jong Un
Kim Jong UnReuters

While the residents of North Korea are preparing for the tropical storm Khanun which is supposed to hit the country in the coming days, the ruling party is mainly busy with ensuring the safety of the photos and portraits of the country's past and present leaders.

The Rodong Sinmun newspaper, the official mouthpiece of the ruling party, called on the people of North Korea to protect the images of the Kim dynasty, including the current leader and his predecessors.

"People's main focus should be on ensuring the safety of images of leader Kim Jong-un, his father Kim Jong-il, and his grandfather and founder of North Korea, Kim Il-sung. Citizens are also asked to protect the statues, mosaics, murals and other monuments of the Kim dynasty," demanded the leaders of the ruling party in a notice published in the newspaper.

The storm Khanun is supposed to hit North Korea at the end of this week, when it has already caused a lot of destruction in South Korea, including many floods and landslides.

Less than 16 thousand people were forced to leave their homes due to the storm. The pictures of North Korean leaders for generations are scattered all over the country, including statues and monuments. Whoever is convicted of causing damage to one of the pictures or statues may also face the death penalty.

North Korean state media said members of the military and ruling party had been ordered to prepare measures to combat the expected floods, amid reports that the storm could also hit the capital, Pyongyang.