The chairwoman of the Labor Party, MK Merav Michaeli, is threatening to sue the Otzma Yehudit Party and the Minister of Heritage, Amichai Eliyahu, in the wake a video he released in which he attacked Michaeli, calling her "a hugger of terrorists and child killers".

According to a report in Walla!, Michaeli is demanding that Otzma Yehudit and Minister Eliyahu remove the video with the "slanderous and false statements" from the Internet and publish an apology in which they retract the libelous publications about her.

A pre-lawsuit warning letter sent by Michaeli to Minister Eliyahu and Otzma Yehudit states that "the things attributed by you to our client are complete lies and complete fabrications devoid of any factual basis. The presentation of our client as having allegedly 'embraced terrorists', 'killers of children with blood on their hands', is a despicable act done on purpose to defame her and make her a target of hatred."

Minister Eliyahu's attack against Michaeli came after she called his party "supporters of terror" in the wake of the incident in the Palestinian Arab village of Burqa.

"Merav Michaeli, granddaughter of [Rudolf] Kastner, is one to preach morality to residents of Judea and Samaria? About what? You hugged terrorists. You hugged child murderers with blood on your hands," Minister Eliyahu said in the video.

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