Scene of the murder in the Jordan Valley
Scene of the murder in the Jordan ValleyIsrael Police

The Jerusalem District Attorney's Office today (Thursday) filed an indictment against a 26-year-old Tel Aviv resident for the murder of Yair Hadad last month in a date plantation in the Jordan Valley

According to the indictment, the defendant and Hadad met in Tverya by chance, for unknown reasons, and without any prior acquaintance between them.

The next day, the defendant picked up the deceased in his vehicle, and the two drove south on Route 90. Later, the defendant turned east on Route 57 towards Adam Bridge, and stopped his vehicle a short time later. After that, for an unknown reason, the defendant decided to murder Hadad.

After he decided to commit the act, the accused stabbed the deceased in the neck, shoulder and five different places in the face with a sharp object.

The indictment also states that late in the evening, the accused drove a car to the shopping complex at the Jordan Valley Intersection on Route 90, took a fire hose and flooded its contents with water for more than an hour. After that, he threw various objects on the road and near the vehicle, and even washed his body and changed clothes to hide the remains of the deceased's blood that remained in the vehicle and its contents.

The accused is additionally charged with the offense of destroying evidence. The police investigation shows that the background to the murder is criminal. The report of finding a burnt body in the valley was received on July 12 in the evening. The body was found by Palestinians, and the Palestinian police handed it over to the Israeli police.