Police car at crime scene
Police car at crime sceneIsrael Police

Today (Tuesday), the police filed a prosecutor's statement against Shay Blum, a resident of the town Maccabim, for allegedly murdering his adopted son.

According to the prosecutor's statement, the results of the son's autopsy revealed that the father shot seven bullets at the upper body in the chest, chin and back area.

In addition, the father, according to the autopsy, also stabbed his son twice. According to the police, the father's claim that he acted in self-defense is inconsistent with the findings from the scene.

The father claimed that after the shooting, when he was about to leave the scene, he suspected that his son might get up towards him and from there he stabbed the son.

The police suspect that the father decided to murder his son due to a problematic relationship between the family and the son. In addition, recently the family also requested to remove the guardianship of the child, who was born with fetal alcohol syndrome.

Before the murder, the son called the police and claimed that he voluntarily left the hostel he was in and felt that he had nowhere to stay. Police took him to the police station, and his adoptive family picked him up.

Fifteen minutes after he arrived back at the house, the father of the family tried to convince his son to return to the hostel. According to the father, at some point the son tried to stab him, so he shot him three times. The police said that the father's claim about three shots was incorrect since 8 bullets were found in the son's body.