The rabbis letter
The rabbis letterCourtesy

In a letter published today (Tuesday) by senior rabbis in the religious Zionist community, severe criticism is directed at the law enforcement system, following the clashes last Saturday near the town of Oz Zion in Binyamin, in which a Jew was seriously injured and an Arab killed.

"We are in an ongoing struggle for the lands of the Land of Israel with the Arab enemy who, through European funding, is taking over the lands of our country. We are amazed at the law enforcement system in Judea and Samaria that quickly arrested a severely injured Jew on charges of murder and only three days later arrested Arabs who wounded, beat, threw rocks and shot fireworks at Jews," the rabbis wrote.

They also added that "Unfortunately, there is no search for the truth here, but an attempt to please the international community."

"We educate our students to respect the government system. But when these systems operate unjustly, we cannot continue with a relationship of state respect for the law enforcement system." added the rabbis.

The letter is signed by a large number of the most noted Rabbis in the religious Zionist community.