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In a conversation with the leaders of the haredi parties, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed their demand to advance the conscription law during the Knesset's winter session and said that he would agree to advance the bill, but without an override clause, Walla reported.

In addition, Netanyahu said that if they agree, in the event that the Supreme Court chooses to intervene in the conscription law again, it will enact a retroactive clause to the conscription law.

About three weeks ago, it was reported that the MKs of the haredi parties demanded that the coalition advance the conscription law before any other legislation during the Knesset's winter session.

Gallant and Netanyahu are interested in promoting the law alongside a law that will provide significant benefits worth billions to IDF conscripts, but an argument between the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Defense regarding the scope of the benefits causes the law to be rejected.

The haredi parties reminded Netanyahu that in the coalition agreements he committed to promoting the conscription law upon the formation of the government, but in the end the promotion of the law was postponed, with the consent of the haredi parties.

According to them, the government must advance the law in accordance with the agreements, this after they responded to several of Netanyahu's requests to wait to pass the law.

At the end of the meeting with the Prime Minister, it was decided to establish a team in which the representatives of the haredi factions would formulate a draft or outline of legislation that would be agreed on by both United Torah Judaism and Shas.