Binyamin Regional Council Head Yisrael Ganz discussed Friday's clash between a band of Arab rioters and Jewish shepherds, which left one rioter dead and a shepherd in severe condition.

“Mobs of Arabs attacking Jews in agricultural areas is nothing new. The shepherds suffered a brutal attack from the residents of the neighboring Arab village, putting the shepherds’ lives in clear mortal danger," the governor stated

“The international community’s siding with the Palestinian Arab narrative is treacherous and distorts reality. The Jews in this region have the full right to defend themselves and protect the lives of others," he added.

During the incident, a large band of Arabs descended on the Jewish shepherds carrying stones, clubs, and explosives. One of the shepherds was severely injured when one of the rioters hit him in the head with a large stone. The Jewish victim succeeded in defending himself with his last vestige of strength, using his personal weapon, which he held with a license. It was later reported that a young Arab had died in the incident.

The victim, Yechiel Indor, as well as an additional Jew, Elisha Yered, who in the past served as spokesperson for MK Limor Son Har Melech (Otzma Yehudit) were arrested. At this point, no Arabs have been interrogated regarding the incident. Indor cannot be interrogated as he is in criticial condition.