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Too many Americans, particularly those in temporary positions of power tend to minimize ramifications of 'weakness' perceptions. Case in point, President Biden’s first 100 days in office, his administration cast a repeated spotlight on Iran and the latter’s incessant demand to become a ‘nuclearized’ nation, even as it was clearly recognized as a prospective threat to America, Israel and Jews worldwide.

The Biden Administration seems to have put on blinders, conveniently ignoring December 1, 2020, when Iran’s parliament passed a bill with a contingency that should the European signatories to the original 2015 nuclear deal not provide it economic relief from the effects of the 2018 oil and banking sanctions; UN inspections of Iran’s nuclear facilities will cease. Iran would then also boost uranium enrichment processing to 20% (which it vastly exceeded); well beyond its original 2015 commitment; as it expanded its number of centrifuges at nuclear facilities Natanz and at the underground Fordo site.

The IRNA official news agency relayed that 251 lawmakers of the 290-seated chamber membership voted in favor of the above. After which,”... chanting “Death to America!” and “Death to Israel!” echoed.

Even allowing for the at-best ‘earlier American naive intentions’ and Iranian inferences that its nuclear weapon capability would be held at bay; the sum total ramifications of President Obama’s JCPOA, 2015 Iran Nuclear Deal to date; clearly fell far short of what could have been/ should have been delivered.

Nevertheless, U.S. dollars flowed without oversight into Iran. The effects of this carried forward to the present with unresolved issues as to how American tax dollars wound up being used, among them:

1) to enable Iran’s long range ballistic missile technology development or

2) to subsidize its destabilizing proxies: Hamas and Hezbollah or

3) to install militias operating in Judea, Samaria, Iraq and Syria;

4) Potential subsidies to the egregious Mahmoud Abbas, Palestinian Authority President’s terror campaign against Israel; termed “Pay to Slay." Although this was subsequently embargoed by the U.S. Congressional Taylor Force Act- it still appears tactically ignored by President Biden’s Administration.

5) Lastly, how much U.S. Tax dollars funded, at the end of the day, UNRWA’s Palestinian refugee children’s’ hate instigating school programs allegedly prompting martyrdom; or were diverted to anti-Israel organizations pervasive on college campuses across the United States?

The incredible vastness of the continuing potential for sinister use of our American money against us continues to boggle the mind of those that care to do what’s right.

In the face of all this, Secretary of State, Antony Blinken continues to face-off Iranian counterparts, who with little doubt view President Biden and his kowtowing to Iran’s intentions as opportunistic signals to further the latter’s frightening agenda. To this I say, “Thank goodness for our American Congress that demonstrates conservative common sense and separates our friends from our existential enemies; thereby serving as effective advocates for 'right.'

America under President Biden still has a sliver of time to line up (Sunni) international friends that fully appreciate risks of alliances with a nuclear and terror ‘weaponized Iran,’ to which must be added a strong transparent message that destabilization agents will no longer be tolerated in any shape or form.

After the debacle surrounding the U.S. seemingly abandoning Afghanistan; Israel, America’s most worthy and long time Middle East ally and friend, should be treasured. Yet, American foreign policy appears to be slowly abandoning it in favor of Palestinian Arab demands. This policy gains no respect and does nothing to dispel the appearance of Biden’s disconnected diplomacy. Why doesn’t he recognize the long term danger to our internal constitutional framework? How does that benefit the current sitting President and our great nation?

America may be setting itself up to function in a new ‘woke’ leftist society; with a contemptuous attitude towards Israel and Jews. That appears permitted to quietly go unchallenged as America’s promises to assure Israel and by extension Jews their formally acknowledged absolute right to life and pursuit of happiness in a safe and welcoming environment fades.

It was and still is most important that our current and future leaders keep in mind that should American Tax dollars ever be linked in any manner to the manufacture and subsequent use of weapons of mass destruction by Iran or one of its proxies, a potential for civil and/or criminal liability may come to be. Too many detractors would like nothing better than to see America knocked down to size before the International Criminal Court. That could open floodgates of limitless, baseless grievances that would serve to weaken our American defenses and American way of life from which it could take generations to recover.

The U.S. must re-prove itself to be a ‘land of exquisite democracy’ that does not use hate to further any agenda geared at sustaining power.

President Biden, are you listening?

Bruce Portnoy is an op-ed contributor to Israel National News/ Arutz Sheva; Jerusalem Post; Miami Herald; Washington Examiner; American Thinker; as well as author of the Geo-political thriller First, the 'Saturday People’, and then the...