Rabbi Dov Lior
Rabbi Dov LiorFlash 90

The police submitted a prosecutor's statement against the suspect who threw a firebomb at Jewish residences in the A-Tur aneighborhood.

The attack caused a fire in the yard next to Rabbi Dov Lior's house during the visit of Jerusalem Mayor Moshe Lion to the rabbi's house.

The investigation revealed that the suspect, a 14-year-old resident of eastern Jerusalem, acted alone and prepared the firebomb himself. After that, he came to the area with the firebomb in a bag. He threw it at Jewish-owned houses and hit the balcony of one of the houses there.

Yesterday, with the end of the investigation and the establishment of an evidentiary infrastructure against the suspect, a prosecutor's statement was submitted against him, and in a court hearing, his detention was extended by four days and an indictment is expected against him.