The Ukrainian embassy in Israel issued a dire warning that the Jewish community of Odessa is in danger in light of the continuing Russian attacks on the city.

"The Jewish community in Odessa continues to suffer significantly from Russian attacks - The Israeli government must wake up! Like all citizens of Odessa, the Jewish community is also impacted significantly by these attacks. Despite the dire situation, community leaders continue to courageously guide their people, recognizing that the education of their children cannot be halted," the embassy stated.

"Odessa Jewish community leader, Rabbi Abraham Wolf, conveyed a message that is both hopeful and worrisome: "In the face of relentless attacks, the resilience and unity of our Jewish community in Odesa stand as a beacon of hope. Amidst the rubble and fear, we continue to fortify our institutions, nourish our people, and educate our youth. For we know that in such times of crisis, we are not merely survivors but bearers of hope and continuity."

"We call the Israeli government - Do not abandon your community in its time of need!" the embassy's statement concluded.

Last week, it was reported that the offices of the Jewish student association "Hillel International" in Odessa suffered extensive damage as the result of a Russian airstrike.

In addition, last month, the windows of a Chabad kindergarten in Odessa were blown out by an explosion.