Amichai Eliyahu
Amichai EliyahuArutz Sheva

Heritage Minister Amichai Eliyahu (Otzma Yehudit) on Thursday morning spoke about the possibility that the Israeli Supreme Court will choose to invalidate the Incapacitation Law.

According to the Incapacitation Law, a prime minister can only be forced to retire due to a medical condition and with the support of 75% of the government and 80 MKs. The law aims to prevent the Attorney General or Supreme Court from forcing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to resign, despite the fact that he was voted in by the Israeli public and the law does not give them the authority to demand his resignation.

"The moment you turn the judges into politicians, they are politicians," Eliyahu explained in an interview with Galei Israel. "A body which takes for itself, throughout the years, authority which is not its own under the law - that is a problem."

He added, "The Supreme Court is violating the law. If G-d forbid it invalidates Basic Laws - it is in violation of the law and we will need to ask ourselves how we handle law violators who are dressed in suits."

"My personal opinion is that if the Supreme Court does not respect the law, then we do not need to respect its ruling."