Scene of the incident
Scene of the incidentMatanya Reichmann, TPS

The MDA has released the recording of the call reporting the Tuesday shooting attack in Maaleh Adumim.

"I'm at the Yahalom Square, I think their's been an attack," says the caller.

"We're on our way," the dispatcher tells her. "What can you see?"

"I see people running, and they're shouting 'there's been an attack, get an ambulance!'" she replies.

"Can you see if there's anyone hurt?"asks the dispatcher.

"No," she replies. "The shooting has stopped, but I'm afraid to go to the window."

"Can you hear anything?" asks the dispatcher.

"Yes, people shouting ambulance - wait, I still hear shooting," she tells the dispatcher.

"There's still shooting? We're on our way," the dispatcher assures her. "You say there is still an active shooter?"

"Yes," she confirms.

"Active shooter, got it. Can you hear how many people there are hurt?"

"No, I'm still in my house, I can't hear how many," she answers.

"That's fine," says the dispatcher. Just stay with me on the phone. What can you hear - shooting, screams, anything?"

"I hear a lot of screaming," the caller tells the dispatcher.

"OK, can you hear how many people are hurt?"

"No, just screaming, screaming, and now car horns," answers the caller.

"OK, listen, we're on the way to you," the dispatcher assures her. For now, be careful. Lock yourself in the house. We're on our way right now."