Israel Ganz, Council Director General Ilan Rom and Quality Service Department st
Israel Ganz, Council Director General Ilan Rom and Quality Service Department stBinyamin Regional Council

The Binyamin Regional Council has risen on the list of municipal and regional authorities with the best digital services for their residents, behind the cities of Rishon Letzion, Ra’anana and Ramat Gan.

Deloitte, which manages the index of municipal and regional authorities in Israel, tracking their digital services and rating the level of services to their residents, awarded the Binyamin Region high marks for its services.

The Digilocale index ranked Binyamin Regional Council in first place among local authorities and close behind the cities of Rishon Letzion, Ra’anana and Ramat Gan.

Data for the index is collected by examining the digital services offered on the websites of the local authorities and the authorities’ social networks.

“We are pleased to inform you,” said a source at Deloitte, “that Binyamin Council was chosen to receive an award for outstanding achievements in the third update of the Digilocale Index, which measures the digital services offered by Israeli municipal and regional authorities to residents and businesses.”

“According to the index, Binyamin Regional Council ranks among the top five authorities in Israel, out of 255 authorities. We want to thank each and every one of the Council employees for their work, effort and dedication every day, that has led to this important recognition.”

In the past four years Binyamin Regional Council has developed special services via the Council’s website and on all the digital platforms made accessible to the residents and business owners.

Binyamin Regional Council Chairman Israel Ganz thanked the Deloitte representatives, saying, “We are happy and proud of this impressive achievement, which puts Binyamin in a respectable position in Israel. This success is for the benefit of our residents and is thanks to all the council workers, who were part of a service revolution over a relatively short period of time. We demand a lot from the state authorities, but before that we demand from ourselves, and ultimately our achievement means more residents will be saved the effort of coming into the Council offices, and that is a reason to be proud.”

The 2022 data from the Council’s service hotline found that 82% of the Council’s residents were satisfied with the service they received via the call center, which received 106,654 requests from residents. A majority - 68% - of these requests were sent online.

“Concerning the services we provide,” explained Dikla Yekutieli, manager the Service Quality Department at the Binyamin offices, “and the digital services in particular, we always have to be alert to the needs of the residents and the ways for accessing the services, ways that should be easy, convenient and advanced, without detracting from our support for the residents who are less proficient with digital media. We are constantly learning to make services more accessible, so that we can improve even more.”