Protesters (illustrative)
Protesters (illustrative)Gili Yaari/Flash90

Over half of Israelis (58%) fear a civil war, a Maariv poll showed.

The poll, conducted by Lazar Research, showed that just 38% of Israelis are not afraid that there will be a civil war, and 4% said they do not know.

Analysis of the responses shows that most of those (76%) who fear civil war voted for the parties currently in the opposition, while 55% of those who voted for the coalition do not think the tensions will reach that point.

When asked if they were considering leaving Israel due to the legislation and the rift in Israeli society, 4% of respondents said they are already taking steps in that direction, while 22% said that they are thinking about it, but have not done anything practical. The majority - 68% - said they are not considering leaving Israel.

A full 36% of those who voted for the opposition and 7% of those who voted for the coalition are numbered among the respondents who said they are considering leaving Israel or taking steps towards that goal.