UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres
UN Secretary General Antonio GuterresUnited Nations

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres stated at a press conference he held today (Thursday) at the organization's headquarters in New York that according to estimates, the month of July will be the hottest month ever recorded.

He added that "dramatic and immediate climate actions" are required to limit the global increase in temperature and to avoid the worst-case scenario - new and ambitious national reduction targets are required from companies in the G20 countries.

According to Guterres, reliable plans are needed to wean the OECD countries off coal by 2030 - and the rest of the world by 2040. In addition, carbon neutrality in electricity production in developed countries must be reached by 2035 - and the rest of the world by 2040.

He also claimed that there is a need for a "course correction" in the global financial system, so that it supports climate action.

In recent weeks, extreme heat waves have been felt in some European countries, and a series of wildfires has struck several countries in Europe, as well as Canada.