Rabbi David Stav
Rabbi David StavINN

Rabbi David Satav, the chairman of the Tzohar rabbinical organization, revealed that Tzohar has received an increase in requests for marriage certificates recently from people who are considering emigrating from Israel in light of the controversy surrounding the judicial reform issue.

"Israeli society felt this year a rift that seemingly came upon us out of nowhere. A very difficult reality that we have to overcome. I am optimistic that we will get out of this crisis, but I have a great fear that some of us will not be with us at the end of the crisis. I hear of threats from doctors and others to do a 'relocation' and to leave the country and my neighbors say they are buying passports. This is worrying," said Rabbi Stav.

He added, "It is clear to me that the number of people leaving the country if there is no significant change here will continue to increase and this is a great disaster. In the rabbinical office where I work, the number of applicants for ketubahs and marriage certificates for immigration needs is higher than it's been in previous years. There are 6-10 applications a day, whereas in previous years, it was once a month."

Rabbi Stav also addressed the calls to open restaurants on the fast of Tisha B'av. "Commemorating Tisha B'Av is like commemorating the Holocaust and the fallen of the IDF. This is not doing anyone a favor. It is a shared memory of all of us. I am sure that everyone who stands on Memorial Day or closes a restaurant on Tisha B'Av respects the ethos we all share. You should know that part of the price of the last six months is a rift that is not only social but a rift between the Jew and the Israeli."