The yeshiva student who was attacked by an Arab
The yeshiva student who was attacked by an ArabHonenu

A number of yeshiva students arriving at a kayaking site in Kfar Blum last week found themselves attacked by a group of Arabs who were also visiting the site.

As a result of the violence, one yeshiva student's lip was split open and his tooth broken. When he arrived at the police station to file a complaint against his attacker, he found himself being interrogated under warning, despite the fact that he had not acted violently.

The yeshiva students had been sailing on their kayak, a few meters behind a group of eight Arabs. At one point, the Arabs began to spray water towards the group of yeshiva students, who continued kayaking and tried to ignore the provocations.

The Arabs, meanwhile, continued to close the gap between the two groups, and at one point even took the yeshiva students' paddles from their hands.

At this point, the yeshiva students, who could not continue kayaking without paddles, got into the water and asked that the Arabs return the paddles and leave them alone.

At this stage, the Arabs utilized the physical proximity between the groups to punch the yeshiva students over their entire bodies, while shouting racial slurs at their Jewish victims.

One of the yeshiva students turned around and attempted to return to the kayak, but one of the Arabs quickly ran towards him, overtaking him and punching him forcefully in the face. As a result, the Jewish boy suffered deep cut to his lip, and one of his teeth broke.

The injured boy then returned to the shore, bleeding from his mouth. Police officers called to the scene collected testimonies and even arrested two people from the violent group.

The Jewish victim was then taken to the hospital, where his lip was stitched, and he was then referred for treatment by a dentist. Two days later, when he arrived at the police station to file a complaint against the attacker, he found himself, to his surprise, being interrogated under warning - despite the fact that the testimonies proved that he had not acted with any violence at all.

"This is a very serious incident of violent assault due to racism, and we must bring the suspects to justice," Honenu attorney Ofir Steiner, who is representing the victim, wrote in a letter to police.

Steiner also requested to receive information regarding what is being done with the suspects: "Unfortunately, we hear more and more often about attacks on Jewish youth at kayaking sites in northern Israel. In this case, it was a particularly violent attack by a number of Arabs, which took place after extended provocation on the part of the Arabs. The attack ended with a serious injury to a yeshiva student who had only wanted to vacation in peace. We will ensure that the violent attackers are brought to justice."