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Parashat Devarim
Presented By: Rav Mordechai Gershon

Written by: Yehuda Gold

The Ramban explains in his introduction to Sefer Devarim, that Moshe Rabeinu gives encouragement not to fear living in the Land of Israel, due to the high spirituality of the Land.

Since there are other sources that say one should fear sinning in the Land of Israel, how is the contradiction reconciled?

One who lives in the Land with the intention of fulfilling mitzvot, will merit Divine assistance in fulfilling all mitzvot and in succeeding in settling the Land.

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Presented By: Avrum Leeder

Written by: Tsvi Levy

“Be glad for Jerusalem and rejoice over her ... all who mourn over her.”

Why is it that whoever does not mourn Jerusalem does not see her joy?

1. Chatam Sofer explains that one cannot be consoled for a person who is alive. Similarly, since the heavenly Jerusalem and the Beit HaMikdash exist, and the loss is only on earth, therefore we continue to mourn.
2. Rabbi Levi Yitzḥak of Berditchev explains that one for whom Jerusalem is genuinely lacking, who sincerely anticipates her being rebuilt, is able to perceive the subtle signs of light within the darkness that indicate the arrival of redemption.

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