A Tefillin stand, run every Friday by Chabad yeshiva students in the city of Nes Tziona, south of Tel Aviv, was attacked on Friday by a passerby who threw an egg at the stand and the boys who were running it. A complaint was filed with the police.

ביצה הושלכה על דוכן תפילין בנס ציונה

Jerusalem Affairs and Heritage Minister Meir Porush (UTJ) stated: "The severe incitement against the religious public again brings horrifying results of violence against Jewish signifiers. Chabad's work around the country is a sign of baseless love against rampant baseless hatred. I again call on all of the left-wing leaders to stop the incitement before it's too late."

Deputy Minister MK Yaakov Tessler (UTJ): "I'm shocked and shaken by the severe public harm against the holy Tefillin that weer attack at a Chabad Tefillin stand in Nes Tziona. It is unbelievable that Jewish hands would be raised to harm and degrade Tefillin in public in the land of Israel, and there is no reason that justifies such barbaric actions and lack of values.

I call to condemn the severe incident and for law enforcement to shut down this phenomenon and the rampant incitement against holy values, religion, and Jewish heritage.