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Dr. Bahira Abdel Salam, former candidate for mayor of Toronto, continues to lead the public fight against the "LGBT agenda" in public schools.

Not long ago, Salam was a partner in organizing a mass demonstration by Muslims against the government's policy of forcing LGBT education on students in all grades.

In a statement she published, Salam stated that "despite your threats of murder, hate speech, insults, ignoring and lies, we will remain steadfast. Your actions will only help us strengthen our resolve."

Salam invited the Christian, Jewish, Sikh and other religious communities to join the activity demanding respect for the human rights of students and opposing the imposition of the LGBT curriculum.

"We firmly believe in maintaining basic human rights, our freedom and dignity, and we will continue to speak our mind even if you try to silence us," she wrote.

"We will respond to your murder threats with courage, and to the hate speech with forgiveness. We will face the insults with nobility and fight ignorance through knowledge," she added, noting: "We will remain united, uncompromising in our commitment to justice and the preservation of basic human rights for us and our children. We will never give up in this fight."

In June of this year, in preparation for Pride Month in North America, the Muslim religious leadership in the US and Canada, including the Council of Imams of Canada, issued a statement opposing the LGBT policy imposed on the public and demanding that the Muslim community be allowed to act according to its faith and its way on this issue.

Last week, hundreds of Muslim residents came to downtown Mississauga, west of Toronto, to demonstrate against the Trudeau government's LGBT policy.

Similar demonstrations by Muslims have been held recently in Ottawa and Calgary. About two months ago, the Muslim leadership in Canada signed a statement defining the government's LGBT policy and demanded that this policy not apply to the Muslim community.

The demonstrators carried banners that read: "Leave the kids alone", "Parents are legally responsible for their children, not state institutions", "God determined my gender, don't confuse me", "Protect our children. No gender indoctrination", "Education, not indoctrination", "Please don't confuse our children", "We need to protect childhood and innocence", and "Stop indoctrination in schools".

One of the speakers at the demonstration said that the teachers who impose their agenda on the students should be removed from the earth, noting that he is ready to sacrifice his life to protect the children from LGBT sexual education.