Firefighting planes
Firefighting planesNoam Revkin Fenton/Flash90

The Prime Minister's Office announced on Wednesday that Israel will send firefighting planes to help combat wildfires that are raging in Greece.

After consulting with National Security Minister Ben-Givr, Defense Minister Gallant, and Foreign Affairs Minister Cohen, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu decided to send two Elad class firefighting planes to assist for several days, as needed.

According to the announcement, the plains are expected to depart on Thursday at 6:00 AM.

"The Israeli government will stand alongside Greece in its battle with the wildfires and is thankful for Greece's contribution in fighting wildfires in Israel over the past decade," the Prime Minister's Office concluded.

According to Reuters, two wildfires swept uncontrolled through forestland and towns north-west of Athens for a second day on Tuesday, forcing residents to flee their homes as authorities fought to stop the flames from reaching an area with oil refineries.

One of the fire fronts stretched over 8km (five miles), according to witnesses and officials, burning homes and cars around the area of Mandra, west of the capital, which was blanketed by dense smoke.