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Israeli military policeFlash 90

David Elmaleh, a Chabad Hassid, returned to Israel for his father's funeral but was arrested at the airport by the military police for desertion and is now mourning his father in prison.

His brother Hanan elaborates in a conversation with Israel National News on the family's pain: "We really, really don't understand, the man comes to share in the family's grief, it's not just his father who died last Thursday but his mother who died 3 and a half years ago and there is no one to help him, we are a family without connections, and he is just one person," says Hanan.

"He needs someone to embrace him, that was also taken from him in the difficult moments, we feel that this is cruelty and no benefit came out of something like this. If they force him to enlist after something like this, he won't enlist."

"The whole family sees how they are emotionless and inconsiderate. Our mother, who was a strong woman, passed away, and after that we also received a blow that our father passed away and now the hardest blow is that they don't let him be with the family."

Finally, Hanan tells why he was declared a deserter. "My brother studied in a yeshiva in Kfar Chabad and there was a contest: whoever gets the highest marks in the laws of ritual slaughter will get a flight to the Lubavitcher Rebbe. That's how it happened, he was there for two years and became emotionally and mentally attached there, now he returned to Israel on Sunday at 11 in the morning and he was arrested at the airport by MPs".