IDF reservists training
IDF reservists trainingIDF Spokesperson

Dozens of rabbis from the Association of Community Rabbis published a scathing letter today (Tuesday) against those who refuse to report for duty in the IDF in protest against government actions.

The rabbis "strongly condemn the calls for refusal that are being spread these days" and call them "irresponsible calls."

In addition, the rabbis called this refusal to report for duty "violent" and added that it is "an ethical and moral crime, which seeks to use service in the IDF as a tool in political debate." The rabbis also stated that they "believe wholeheartedly in the importance of the State of Israel as the realization of the aspiration of generations for the redemption of the people in its country."

The rabbis concluded by calling on the commanders of the IDF and the leaders of the state "to act decisively and impartially to stop this phenomenon."

A group of reservists, primarily in the air force, have refused to report for duty in protest against the government's planned judicial reforms.

The signatories include many rabbis who hold high ranks in the IDF. The Association of Community Rabbis is chaired by Safed Chief Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu.