The destruction
The destructionCourtesy of the photographer

Large forces of police and civil administration accompanied by tractors raided an agricultural farm near the Jewish community of Mikhmas - at the site in the Binyamin region where Harel Masoud H"YD planned to settle and which was established after his murder.

A family lived on the farm along with a group of Harel's friends, raising a flock of sheep. "From our point of view, Masoud's will was that we would hold on to this point at all cost," said one of the community members after the evacuation.

Harel was murdered in a shooting attack near a gas station in Eli less than a month ago along with Elisha Antman, Ofer Fairman, and Nachman Shmuel Mordoff, a 15-year-old resident of Ahiya.

Harel's parents, Gil and Yael, reacted with shock to the destruction: "We got up to a very difficult reality this morning. Our hearts bleed at the sight of these images of destruction. The living testament of our son is being destroyed to the core at these very moments. The day after tomorrow we will visit his grave to mark 30 days to his murder and the destruction this morning intensifies and multiplies the feeling of pain. Harel, who loved Israel so much and gave his life for it, must be crying at the sight of these shocking images."

"For months the residents of Judea and Samaria have had no personal security and are forced to bury their loved ones one by one with tearful eyes, Jenin is still loaded with weapons and is rushing to become Gaza 2 - but it is more important for the security system and the government to direct its forces against the settlers. This situation is sad and much more than that - dangerous," they added.