In a recent gala event hosted by the Israel Heritage Foundation, which was attended by former US President Donald Trump, Farley Weiss, the Chairman of the organization, delivered a speech praising Trump for his decisions and actions regarding Israel during his term in office.

Weiss began his speech by mentioning his recent book, which discusses the relocation of the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, a decision made by Trump.

"It was an amazing decision by President Trump, and he withstood all the pressures that were on him," Weiss said. He thanked Trump for his courage and determination in making such a significant decision.

Weiss also highlighted the increase in Jewish support for Trump, citing that in 2016, Trump received 23% of the Jewish votes in Florida, which increased to 41% in 2020. He attributed this rise in support to Trump's policies towards Israel, which resonated with the Jewish community.

The Chairman further praised Trump for his decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. He quoted Trump's response to Former Governor Mike Huckabee's question about why he made such a decision: "Because I said I would, and it was the right thing to do."

Weiss lauded this as an example of a politician making decisions based on their convictions and promises.

Weiss also mentioned the Abraham Accords, which were signed after the US embassy's move to Jerusalem. Contrary to fears that the situation would worsen, Weiss argued that the Accords improved the situation for world peace, the Jewish people, and Israel.

He further praised Trump for recognizing the strategic importance of the Golan Heights to Israel, changing passport regulations to reflect Jerusalem as part of Israel, and signing the Taylor Force Act, which ended US aid to the Palestinian Authority due to their support of terrorism.

In conclusion, Weiss thanked Trump for his unwavering support of Israel and the Jewish people during his presidency. "We are so honored that we have President Trump here to be able to thank him as a tremendous and the best friend that the Jewish people and the state of Israel has ever had as president by far," Weiss said.