Itamar Ben Gvir
Itamar Ben GvirIsrael National News

The Minister of National Security Itamar Ben-Gvir and the Ministry of Finance signed a salary agreement, to increase the salary of the police officers already in the next month's salary by an average of one thousand shekels for approximately 11,000 police officers and over 3,200 Israel Prison Service officers.

According to the final agreement between the Ministry of National Security and the Ministry of Finance, and further to the agreement in principle signed between the ministries a few weeks ago, the salary of police officers from the rank of inspector to sergeant will increase between 7.15 percent and 12.36 percent of the existing salary, and in the amount of about one thousand shekels per officer.

This is the first of three steps to raise the salaries of police officers, as part of Minister Ben-Gvir's reform of the police and from a budget of nine billion shekels for the Ministry of National Security, within the framework of the policy established by Minister Ben-Gvir when he took office, with the aim of retaining enlisted officers and recruiting new ones.

"This is great news for the police officers and even greater news for the citizens of Israel. A salary increase for police officers will lead to the recruitment of many more officers to the police force, many more police officers who will fight crime, violence, and terror, and strengthen the national security and the personal security of the citizens of Israel," said Minister Ben-Gvir.