Profitable profession (Illustration)
Profitable profession (Illustration)iStock

Bharat Jain was recently crowned as the "richest beggar in the world" after earning over a million dollars over the years. Jain owns an apartment in Mumbai as well as two shops that generate hundreds of dollars a month, but still earns his daily "living" by collect alms at the train station.

Is begging financially profitable? Bharat Jain was recently crowned as the "richest beggar in the world" after his fortune was estimated at around one million dollars. Jain earned has earned the money by wandering around crowded areas in India and especially the multi-million city of Mumbai, and although over the years he has acquired real estate, he continues to go around asking for charity.

According to a report in the Economic Times, Jain works between 10-12 hours a day and earns close to a thousand dollars a day. Over the years, Jain began to acquire properties for himself and today he lives in his own two-room apartment in Mumbai worth about 150 thousand dollars. He also rents two shops that generate a profit of about 400 dollars a month.

Although Jain, himself, did not acquire any education as a child, he has managed to send his own children to school with the help of the wealth he has accumulated. According to reports, Jain's family would have preferred him to stop begging on the streets after he was able to earn an income for himself, but Jain insists on sticking to his "regular job."

Jain's crowning as the world's richest beggar quickly publicized him on social media, with most readers outraged at the cynicism with which he continues to beg for money despite his wealth.

Some of the respondents claimed that beggars who take advantage of the kindness of passers-by cannot be trusted. On the other hand, there were also those who were impressed by Jain's perseverance.