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Hundreds of Muslim residents came to downtown Mississauga, west of Toronto, Canada, to demonstrate against LGBT policies led by the Trudeau government.

Similar demonstrations by Muslims have been held recently in Ottawa and Calgary. About two months ago, the Muslim leadership in Canada signed a statement renouncing the government's LGBT policy and demanded that this policy not apply to the Muslim community.

The demonstrators carried banners that read: "Leave kids alone," "Parents are legally responsible for their children, not state institutions," "God determined my gender, don't confuse me," "Protect our children. No gender indoctrination," "Education, not indoctrination," "Please don't confuse our children," "We need to protect childhood and innocence," and, "Stop indoctrination in schools."

During the march through the streets of the city, the demonstrators chanted, "leave our kids alone," "Gender is not a choice," and, "We want to protect the future of our children."

A Muslim cleric said in an interview that Muslims don't hate LGBT people but the act they do, and called on them not to do it in public and not to influence the children.

He emphasized that it is forbidden for LGBT education to be introduced in schools and to force content on the children that they do not understand. He pointed out that God created man and woman and that it is a shame to force an entire month on the public celebrating the Pride movement.