The entrance to the family's home after Shabbat ended
The entrance to the family's home after Shabbat endedMaati Kolani/TPS

A Palestinian Authority Arab on Saturday morning infiltrated the Jewish town of Asa'el in the southern Hebron hills - and was arrested by one of the town's security guards.

Upon the infiltration, the Home Front Command's "red alert" siren sounded, warning of an infiltration of terrorists into the town, and the residents were instructed to enter a building, lock the doors, and close the windows. They were also told not to exit the building until further notice.

IDF forces conducted searches in the town, due to concerns that there may be a second suspect.

Initial investigations show that the Arab entered the home of a family with seven children, who were home at the time, and attempted to physically attack the family members. The father succeeded in overcoming the Arab and shoved him out of the house until the security forces arrived.

By miracle, no one was injured.

An IDF source said that "the warning was sounded on the Home Front app, due to concerns of a security incident in the town of Asa'el in the Judea Region. A civil security person arrested the suspect who entered the town. No weapons were found on the suspect."