הרב חגי לונדין
הרב חגי לונדיןצילום: ללא

We are at the end of a year. The children are already on vacation; workplaces go on break; there are already thoughts for next year. In this week's Torah portion, "Matot Masei", the people of Israel are also preparing for the end of their journey in the desert and for entering the Land of Israel. It is precisely then that they begin to act foolishly: someone makes vows that are unclear whether they can fulfil; they fight with the Midianites in an inappropriate manner; the members of the tribes of Gad and Reuven are enthusiastic about the new real estate opportunities and forget about their commitment to the people of Israel.

Therefore, precisely now, the Torah comes and explains to us exactly how to make a vow; Moses our Teacher, arrives, gets angry at the people of Israel and explains what war is supposed to look like; and clarifies to the tribes of Gad and Reuven the exact conditions under which they will get what they want. Torah, wisdom and composure. There is a framework, even when you go on vacation. There is always control, there is always God.

Even as a certain stage in the life of the State of Israel comes to a close, there are those who lose it. They realize that their time has passed and therefore they start to riot, make threats, go on strike and think that they are the ones who determine the conditions for the society in which they live. At first, they threatened to "take their money and get out of here", but came back with their tails between their legs; those against the draft whine, but in reality, the IDF is functioning very well.

Contrary to the lie that Israel's entire security, economic and academic world is made up of Meretz voters, the reality is different: if in the past they had control over the systems (and therefore most of those making threats are retirees); currently, the middle echelon and field are no longer in their hands. It may be hard to believe, but many voters for the Likud and Religious Zionist serve in the IDF and pay taxes. And in general, most left-wing voters also have a tendency not to commit suicide, and they too prefer that Hezbollah not conquer the Galilee, even if Bibi is prime minister.

Here, too, as in personal life, there is no need to get excited about bullies. We need to stand firm and constantly keep in mind the broad view – reality flows in a very specific direction; demography is going in a very specific direction. Most of the Jewish people will reach the Land of Israel, and those who don't – remain in the desert.

The bad will pass

The good will prevail

With God's help