The sign outside the synagogue
The sign outside the synagogueRabbi Binyamin Shtien

An anti-religious sign reading "Go work parasites" was hung on the fence of the PAI synagogue in Raanana.

Raanana religious council chairman Aryeh Friedman was infuriated by the sign. "This morning, a line was crossed. An invisible hand tried to fray another rope in the knot between all Raanana residents. The sign hung on the PAI synagogue that calls all the community's worshipers 'parasites' brings us back to ugly and dark days. Days during which synagogues and Jews, in general, were degraded. What's next - a yellow sign that says Juden?"

He added: "But beyond the act which is ugly when it's against any individual regarding the worshipers at PAI, its ugly all the more so. The one who hung the sign came gutlessly in the middle of the night, he thought he was doing something heroic, but he certainly didn't understand how much his action displayed his ignorance and stupidity!

Let's start with the fact that all the worshipers at PAI are hard-working. The older members worked their entire lives as traders, clerks, bank workers, and even farmers here in Raanana. And yes, there are even IDF officers. The younger members, like all young people in Raanana, work as independents in various fields, are hi-tech workers, or work in free professions."