Rabbi Yaakov Medan
Rabbi Yaakov MedanTPS.

Rabbi Yaakov Medan, headmaster of the Har Etzion Yeshiva and a senior figure in the Religious Zionist community, spoke to Kan about the recent Israeli riots against Palestinian cities.

"Even though so many have been killed, when our youth come and destroy private Arab property, I want to take this opportunity to publicly praise the security forces, the ISA and IDF, who prevented them from doing more. We all need to say a prayer of thanksgiving that they did not injure anyone."

"I understand the anger. I understand the feeling of anarchy that is spreading from Tel Aviv. Despite all of that, though, when we do something so immoral as this, we lose our moral right to settle in this land."

"I have expressed this concern many times - we will merit to settle in this land only with a clear ethical statement to all. Perhaps not to the murderers themselves, but anyone who is still presumed innocent, we have no right to hurt him in the slightest."