Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at his brother's grave
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at his brother's graveAmos Ben-Gershom

The Cyber ​​Department of the State Attorney's Office submitted to the Magistrate's Court in Kfar Saba an indictment against a 26-year-old man from Kfar Saba for the crime of blackmail with threats directed at Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The indictment, submitted by the lawyer Or Arber, states that "In June, a state memorial ceremony was held on Mount Herzl in Jerusalem for the victims of Operation Protective Edge in the presence of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu."

"At the end of the ceremony, Ayelet Goldin, the sister of the late Lieutenant Hadar Goldin, addressed the Prime Minister and expressed her protest that her brother's body is being held by the Hamas organization."

"On the same day, the accused watched a television program in which this segment was broadcast, and decided to direct threats towards the Prime Minister, with the aim of motivating him to occupy Gaza and return the body of the late Goldin and other captives. Among other motives, this was because the late Goldin served as the defendant's guide in a youth movement."

"Subsequently, the defendant located on the internet the location of the grave of the late Lt. Col. Yonatan (Yoni) Netanyahu, the Prime Minister's brother, who was buried in the military cemetery on Mount Herzl, and wrote the following letter: 'What's going on Yoni, the hero? How are you doing up there? Oh I forgot, of course you're standing still and there's not too much to go forward. I was asked to inform your brother, 'Peepee' Netanyahu, that he has some merits but they are not enough. And from here, Mount Herzl, this holy place, the clock is ticking back, until the 28th of Tishrei next year (Friday, Oct. 13, 2023), when your brother, the ... thinks he will reach the age of 74. To be clear, this is a genuine threat, red alert level. His tasks are: a. Conquer Gaza. B. Bring back the body of my guide, Hadar Goldin and the rest of the captives. Third... Bibi, the clock is ticking back!!! :) You have a little more than three and a half months left,'" the indictment reads.

It further details that after writing the letter, the accused went to the gravesite of the late Yoni Netanyahu and pasted the letter of threats to Yoni Netanyahu's headstone in order to ensure that his words would reach the Prime Minister.

In the prosecution's request for detention until the end of the proceedings against the accused, the prosecution insisted on the seriousness of the accused's actions, and stated that "His actions were carried out after prior, careful and calculated planning, in a way that has the potential to harm the public and the foundations of the democratic regime."