Mahmoud Abbas
Mahmoud AbbasFlash 90

Palestinian Authority (PA) chairman Mahmoud Abbas on Wednesday visited Jenin.

During the visit, Abbas called the city "the heroic Jenin camp and the symbol of the struggle, the firm stand and resistance, which stood in the face of Israel's aggression, and made sacrifices for the homeland, the prisoners and the wounded."

"We came today to monitor the restoration of the camp and the city so that they return to their previous state and to an even a better state," Abbas said. "We have not forgotten and we will never forget the Nablus camps and all the camps of the homeland, and we will never forget Jerusalem, the eternal capital city of the State of Palestine."

"We will remain firm on our land, we will never depart from it and we will not put up with an attack by any party and we will remain strong until Allah bequeaths us the land and what is on it," continued the PA chairman.

"We came to say that we are one authority, one country, one law, one security and stability, and that we will cut off the hand of the one who harms the unity of our people and its security."

During the visit, Abbas laid a wreath on the graves of the terrorists who were eliminated during clashes with the IDF during the recent counterterrorism operation in Jenin.

A visit to Jenin is unusual for Abbas, who has not visited the city for many years. The visit comes amid the PA's attempt to consolidate its position after losing control in various parts of the city, especially in the refugee camp.

Last week, Abbas announced that he would end security coordination with Israel in response to the operation in Jenin.

Abbas' spokesman said that it was decided to stop all meetings and engagements with Israel, a continuation of the suspension of security coordination.

He also said that "the Palestinian mechanisms will be obligated to protect the Palestinian people." Later, the spokesman also announced the suspension of the agreements from the Sharm El-Sheikh summit in 2005, when then-Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and Abbas reached agreements that ended the Second Intifada.