The new committee's meeting
The new committee's meetingKobi Gideon

The Ministerial Committee on Arab Society Affairs, chaired by Prime Minister Netanyahu, met today (Tuesday).

The committee decided on the establishment of a subcommittee, also chaired by the Prime Minister, to promote the fight against crime in the Arab society in Israel, which was authorized, among other things, to decide on the ISA's assistance to the Israel Police in dealing with crime in the Arab society.

Also, the committee discussed various issues, among them: solving the problem of housing mortgages in Arab society, learning the Hebrew language among the Arab population, budgeting for economic projects in employment areas, and more. Prime Minister Netanyahu instructed the various ministries to submit within 30 to 45 days proposals for a decision on these issues to the Committee of Ministers.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said at the end of the meeting: "We are interested in narrowing the gaps and bringing about the full integration of the Arab society in Israel. We discussed credit, education, Hebrew, welfare, legislation, and many other issues here."

"We also have a special focus on the fight against crime in Arab society, which makes the lives of the Arab citizens of Israel miserable. It is already a national problem. For this purpose, we have established a subcommittee, in which many issues have already begun to be addressed, and we intend to delve into this in the coming days. This is the commitment of the government ministries and ministers to reduce these gaps for the benefit of the Arab citizens of Israel. They deserve and we deserve to address all these issues," Netanyahu said.