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The Iranian Ministry of Defense claimed on Monday that there is a connection between the Israeli Mossad intelligence agency and Salwan Momika, a Swedish resident of Iraqi origin who recently burned the Quran in Sweden, causing an uproar in the Muslim world.

In a statement, the Iranian Ministry of Defense claimed, citing information gathered on the matter by its personnel, that Momika, who was born in Iraq in 1986, was recruited by Israeli intelligence four years ago. It further claimed he played a central role in spying on activists from pro-Iranian organizations and promoted the idea of the division of Iraq.

The Iranian Ministry also stated that Momika asked Israel to arrange residency for him in Sweden as a reward for the information he provided, and after arriving in Sweden he continued to perform tasks for the Israeli intelligence agencies.

One of these missions, the Iranians claimed, was the burning of the Quran, which was "meticulously planned" to create widespread media coverage that would divert attention from Israel's large-scale military activity in Judea and Samaria, and in particular in Jenin.

The Iranian Ministry of Defense pointed out that this is the "Zionists'" way to integrate in every plan of "killing and destruction" another "criminal" plan targeting the media and the world public opinion.

The Muslim world reacted with outrage after Momika stomped on the Muslim holy book and set several pages alight.

Swedish police had granted him a permit in line with free-speech protections, but authorities later also said they had opened an investigation over "agitation".

Sweden's government last week condemned the Quran burning and called it an "Islamophobic" act.