Naval ceremony
Naval ceremonyIDF Spokesperson

The Commanding Officer of the Israeli Navy’s elite unit Flotilla 13 (“Shayetet 13”), Capt. Amir Farhi, is concluding his position after two years. Replacing him as the new Commanding Officer of Flotilla 13 will be Capt. A.

The change of command ceremony took place this evening (Monday) at the Atlit Naval Base. It will be led by the Commander in Chief of the Israeli Navy, VADM David Saar Salama, and include the participation of Israeli Navy commanders and soldiers, families and additional guests.

Commander in Chief of the Israeli Navy, VADM David Saar Salama, said: "Flotilla 13 has always relied on Israeli society’s best and brightest. Its soldiers are the first to face any challenge and operate in the most precise, professional and courageous manner. Over generations, the soldiers and commanders of Flotilla 13 navigated heroically to distant, hidden areas deep into enemy territory, covertly and modestly. It is powerful - to be part of an elite unit that operates to strengthen the maritime arena as a strategic asset to the State of Israel’s security. In order to command Flotilla 13 and lead such a unique unit that is among the best in the IDF and the world, exceptional qualities are needed: wisdom, a sense of vocation, a heart that listens, bright eyes willing to break through every limit and broad shoulders ready to carry on the heavy weight of this responsibility, for this is a great responsibility. A change of command is a significant event that constitutes an opportunity".

Outgoing Commanding Officer of Flotilla 13, Capt. Amir Farhi, said: ”To me, Flotilla 13 is so much more than an IDF unit - it is a home, a family and the strongest component in my personal identity. I am proud of our achievements over the past two years, both the operational achievements in the campaign between the wars and in every security challenge the IDF faced, and our achievements in the construction of the flotilla’s strength and spirit, its readiness for war and its adaptment to future challenges. I am happy and thankful that I was given the opportunity to fulfill my dreams time after the time and conclude this chapter of my life as the Commanding Officer of Flotilla 13, a privilege reserved for very few people. Tonight, I bid farewell to the flotilla with great confidence, knowing I leave behind a strong unit.”

Incoming Commanding Officer of Flotilla 13, Capt. A. said: "Today I take upon myself the command over Flotilla 13 out of a great sense of responsibility, first and foremost for the unit’s role in ensuring the security of the State of Israel. 20 years ago, I began my service in the flotilla - where I evolved and my character was shaped. Here, I learned the value of personal excellence, modesty, friendship and teamwork. I learned of our duty to achieve victory in every encounter with the enemy, the importance of dedication to the mission and how to handle the loss of a fellow soldier. I learned of the role of reservists in the unit’s various missions and above all - I learned of the critical role individuals hold in the overall ability to complete every mission. Every moment of my service in the IDF, and all of them together, has prepared me for this moment of taking command and leading Flotilla 13. Today I return home with the duty of preserving all the good that those who came before me created and advancing, developing and adding as much as possible, wherever appropriate. In my command over Flotilla 13 I take responsibility for its crucial cornerstone that is its people. I promise to do everything in my power to ensure the unit meets each of its goals and that my soldiers will return home safely. At the same time, I will maintain the unit’s character, its values, its capabilities and the continuation of its operational activities."