Lahav 433
Lahav 433Flash 90

The National Fraud Investigations Unit at the Israel Police's Lahav 433 station this morning (Monday) arrested a Rabbi from a local council in the south of the country and several other suspects on suspicion of fraudulent offenses involving the funds of state institutions and theft of public funds.

Among those arrested were the rabbi's son and the headmistress of a school belonging to the association he leads.

The three are being interrogated, and at the end of their investigation, the police will request to extend their detention at the Be'er Sheva Magistrate's Court.

The undercover investigation began over a year ago, following information received in the unit's offices from Army Radio, according to which the head of the regional council manages an association that operates schools benefiting from government funding. He and his family members embezzled the association's funds and used the funds extensively for their own personal needs.

The investigation is being conducted in cooperation with the Office of the Jerusalem and South Investigations Assessor, the Investigations Unit of the National Insurance Institute, the Supervision and Control Unit of the Ministry of Education, and with the legal support of the Taxation and Economic Attorney's Office as well as Lahav 433's Claims Unit.