Flags of the United States and North Korea
Flags of the United States and North KoreaiStock

North Korea denounced on Monday a move by the United States to introduce a nuclear missile submarine to waters near the Korean peninsula, saying it creates a situation that brings a nuclear conflict closer to reality, Reuters reported, citing North Korea’s official KCNA news agency.

North Korea also claimed US reconnaissance planes recently violated its air space near the east coast, quoting an unnamed spokesperson of its Ministry of National Defense.

"There is no guarantee that a shocking incident where a US air force strategic reconnaissance plane is shot down over the East Sea will not happen," the spokesperson said.

The moves by the United States to introduce strategic nuclear assets to the Korean peninsula is a blatant nuclear blackmail against North Korea and regional countries and presents a grave threat to peace, KCNA said.

"It is up to future US actions whether an extreme situation arises in the Korean peninsula region that nobody wants, and the United States will be held fully responsible if any unexpected situation occurs," it said.

The comments come amid tensions between the US and North Korea, as the North has intensified its missile launches in recent months, with some triggering emergency warning systems in parts of Japan.

The country tested dozens of ballistic weapons in 2022, including its first intercontinental ballistic missiles since 2017.

In May, North Korea failed in test firing what it described as a “space satellite”, which plunged into the sea after the botched launch.

Last month, the North said the botched satellite launch had been the "gravest failure" and announced it will be preparing for another launch in the near future.

US President Joe Biden and his South Korean counterpart Yoon Suk Yeol recently warned North Korea that it would face a nuclear response and the "end" of the leadership there if Pyongyang uses its own arsenal.