The security guard and the Commissioner
The security guard and the CommissionerPolice Spokesperson

The security guard who neutralized a terrorist who attempted to carry out a stabbing attack at a light-rail station in Jerusalem on Sunday recounted the incident in a conversation with Police Commissioner Kobi Shabtai.

"She was going to enter the train - she didn't go in, and she exited. She pulled out a knife, I jumped back and cocked my gun. I shot two rounds in the air and told her, 'Ma'am, drop it.' She didn't listen, so I fired a round at her knee," the security guard said.

As reported, the terrorist attempted to stab the security guard at the Ammunition Hill light-rail stop in Jerusalem. The guard shot at the terrorist and neutralized her. MDA teams administered initial care and took her to the hospital in light to moderate condition.

A large police force arrived at the scene, including Commissioner Kobi Shabtai, whose office is nearby.

Jerusalem District Deputy Commander Deputy Commissioner Dani Levi praised the security guard's actions and the way he prevented harm to bystanders.