Protests this evening
Protests this eveningIsrael Police

Protests against the judicial reform continued Saturday evening with a largescale demonstration on Kaplan Street in Tel Aviv. Some of the protesters arrived carrying Palestinian Authority (PA) or Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) flags.

Before the protests, a message was sent to the organizers that police would show zero tolerance for damage to public infrastructure or assaults against police officers.

During the course of the protest in Tel Aviv, protesters blocked the Ayalon Highway. Police attempted to disperse them with a pumper truck. A protester lit flares and was arrested for disturbing public order. A motorcycle attempting to drive through the protest struck and injured a protester.

At a similar protest in Herzliya, protesters burned tires and blocked several streets. One protester was arrested for disturbing the peace. All the roads have since been reopened.

The organizers of the protests announced Saturday that if the reasonableness clause is reduced on Monday, Tuesday will be declared "the day of resistance" across Israel. As part of it, there will be marches and demonstrations all over the country starting in the morning. At 4:00p.m. a huge demonstration is planned at Ben Gurion Airport. Several technology companies have informed employees that days spent protesting will not be deducted from their vacation time.

A protest demonstration in front of Defense Minister Yoav Gallant's (Likud) house was said to include, among others, Chiefs of Staff, senior officials in the Mossad and Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet), and IDF generals. Several hundred demonstrators attended.

Colonel Uri Odi, who was hit in the eye during the demonstration on Wednesday, sent a video to the protesters: "If I lose an eye, we will win the fight, the price is small and worth it. I was asked if I would return to Kaplan - of course I will, because we are sure that we are right."

Maj. Gen. (retired) Uri Sagi criticized Prime Minister Netanyahu at a demonstration in Kfar Saba and addressed him, "I was 20 meters from where your late brother Yoni Netanyahu fell. We came back from there. We brought 103 Israeli hostages who were rescued and the body of your brother as well, hero of Israel. And your people call us terrorist anarchists? Aren't you ashamed Bibi?"

MK Tally Gotliv (Likud) criticized the demonstrators: "It seems the protesters are just stupid, forgive me. If they really think that canceling the reasonableness cause is a dictatorship, they are mind-engineered and brainwashed. It is clear to any sane person that the Supreme Court is authorized to intervene in any government decision for reasons of justice, proportionality, violation of human rights, etc. But the disturbed protesters do not allow the facts confuse them... honestly, it's a shame."