Protesters interrupt Rothman
Protesters interrupt RothmanNo credit

Demonstrators against the judicial reform on Tuesday evening interrupted a panel of deputies of leaders of local authorities during a speech by the Chairman of the Knesset Constitution Committee, MK Simcha Rothman.

Rothman's office said that the protesters were wearing the name tags of acting and deputy mayors who had been invited to the conference.

In his remarks, Rothman commented on the judicial reform and said, "We showed a willingness to reach agreements, I didn't believe we would get there either."

"We gave them half-and-half in the Judicial Selection Committee, Yariv Levin and I agreed to enter into negotiations on this. And who said no? Yair Lapid and Gideon Sa'ar. They asked for a representative from the opposition and they got it. But they kept upping their demands and I felt that this was it, it was no longer possible," he added.

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