Noa Kirel at the press conference
Noa Kirel at the press conferenceAvshalom Sassoni/Flash90

The site for selling tickets for Israeli Eurovision competitor Noa Kirel's concert in Yarakon Park on September 21experienced service delays today as 24 thousand people tried to find their seats.

Ticket prices will range from NIS 219 to NIS 369 for the Golden Ring. At the press conference she held last week, she said that "Regarding guests, I have many ideas. We are still far from the show, so at the moment no one is definitively closed. First of all, there will be surprises, for sure"

In addition, she referred to the meetings she had with Rabbi Yaakov Yisrael Ifergan, a Kabbalist Rabbi in southern Israel. His reported powers of healing and prognostication have earned him the moniker "the X-ray".

"The truth is that I only saw him twice, which is not that much," Kirel said and explained that "sometimes it's nice to talk and hear and I really believe in God."

She claimed: "It is definitely strengthening to sit and talk with a Rabbi and hear a little. Sometimes it has an effect, sometimes less so." About the content of the meetings she said: "Less to consult, more really like this to hear and like this to have my faith reinforced from the inside."