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Neo-Nazis waved swastikas and antisemitic banners outside multiple synagogues in Georgia on Friday and Shabbat, US media reported.

Members of the antisemitic hate group 'Goyim Defense League' gathered outside the Chabad Lubavitch of Cobb County in Marietta, a suburb of Atlanta. The gathering was led by the hate group's leader, Jon Minadeo II.

Stewart Levy, a member of the Chabad synagogue, told WSB-TV: “This was the most frightening thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life."

He added: “I am shocked, absolutely shocked to see this here. When I see the amount of ignorance out there and some of the truths that they are promoting, it is just frightening the level of inaccurate knowledge that there is.”

Minadeo had just been released after being charged with disorderly conduct for demonstrating outside another synagogue the previous afternoon when he led the gathering outside the Chabad synagogue.

The Goyim Defense League gathered outside Temple Beth Israel in downtown Macon on Friday, WMAZ-TV reported. The group harassed the synagogue after distributing antisemitic literature at homes throughout the community of Warner Robins. Minadeo was arrested after he shouted obscenities at Jews attempting to reach the synagogue through a bullhorn.

Carla Hill, director of investigative research at the ADL’s Center for Extremism, described the GDL as “a sprawling network of antisemites.”

“This includes organized white supremacist groups such as NatSoc Florida, the National Socialist Movement and the National Justice Party,” she told WBUR. “It also includes individuals with no particular group affiliation, just that united feeling of antisemitism that they feel represents their ideology.”

Hill explained that the organization's goal is to “expel Jews from America.”

“So to that end, their propaganda casts aspersions on Jews and spreads all kinds of antisemitic myths and conspiracy theories in the hopes of turning Americans against Jewish people,” Hill said. “They spin any issue to blame Jews for any social grievances they perceive.”